Calmag 16oz, Original 2:1 Ratio

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A Matter of Balance:Calcium Deficiency can be a serious issue,  however, we believe calcium should always be taken with the magnesium it requires for assimilation. Without a proper balance of these two minerals, magnesium becomes depleted, which can result in the negative effects associated with lack of magnesium and a build up of unassimilated calcium. Magnesium is necessary for over 300 different biochemical processes, Such as digestion, energy production & the metabolism of proteins, fats & carbohydrates.

  • How to use:Pour a small amount of hot water into a cup or mug with tall sides. Add powder, stir until dissolved. Then add cool water or ice and stir. Enjoy on empty an empty stomach. For children under 4, for pregnant or lactating women, or if you have kidney problems or are on medication, consult with your doctor.


Serving size: 1 Rounded Tablespoon (7.5)

Serving per container:60

Calcium(as Calcium Gluconate) 400mg

Magnesium(as Magnesium carbonate which converts to Magnesium Citrate) 200mg


Reviewed by Gabriel l, 08/30/2019

I am really glad to see this product back, 2.1 ratio it's great

Suggested use: Begin with 1Tbsp. This product may have a laxative effect. If that occurs, cut back on the amount to find what is tolerable. Over time the amount can be increased back to the suggested serving size.

Other ingredients: Citric Acid.

Contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten soy, wheat, sugar, starch, preservatives or artificial color or flavor

Gluten Free, Non GMO , Vegan Formula