Healthy Foods You’ve Never Tried

Over the past several years we have been introduced to many new varieties of food.  The abundance of food on this planet is amazing. (Food shortage scares are not based in reality.)  We westerners love to buy new, and trendy items.  Foodies are always looking for the latest delectable goodie.  Here are a couple of the newest,  as well as healthy foods to hit the market:

The Newest Non-GMO Fruit

Meet “Opal Apple” the delicious new apple that is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Topaz apple.  Cross-breeding fruits, vegetables and flowers is a common practice.  (For more information on this practice, click here).

The Opal apple is widely available in organic form which is a big plus considering the huge volume of pesticides that are sprayed on apples.  They are crisp, juicy and delicious.  Opal apples are also the first certified non-GMO crossbreed of apples. Their season runs from late winter into early spring.

Flours From Fruits and Vegetables

Now, this is pretty exciting.  Even if you are not trying to avoid gluten or grains, these new flours sound like a great addition to any kitchen.

Several companies are making flours from squash, apples and sweet potatoes.  We bet other varieties will be showing up soon too. These flours are from cold-milled fruits and vegetables which means they are processed at a low temperature.  (But don’t forget if you bake with them, the cold-milled benefit is gone).  They can be used in your grain-free baking. These flours will add a sweetness to the food so you may want to mix them with a nut or seed-based flour like flax, coconut or almond.  At least one of the companies producing these flours (Anti-Grain), uses non-GMO ingredients from fruits and vegetables grown in the USA.

"Kalettes" – A Brussels Sprouts/Kale Veggie

The newest vegetable to hit the market, kalettes, are a combination of kale and Brussels sprouts.  Combined from two powerhouse vegetables, kalettes are packed with nutrition.  They can be cooked, dehydrated into snacks, or used in salads. Kalettes are non-GMO and commonly found in organic form.  Sounds yummy!

There are lots of new and exciting products coming on the market.  We’ll keep you posted.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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