Peter F. Gillham

13 Nov 1927 - 6 Dec 2020
Sadly, Peter F. Gillham at the age of 93, passed away on Dec 6 at 6 pm.

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Peter F. Gillham is a clinical nutritionist and chemist, as well as a pioneer in the field of nutritional research. He was one of the leading researchers on magnesium and other key supplements. His advanced research over the years led him through many nutritional discoveries. This has culminated in the development of a unique product line appropriately named Life Essentials. Peter's research has always been in the direction of workability, establishing what works and then finding out what will work better.
Peter was born and received his early education in Australia, where he had a successful accounting business. Peter believed, “The main thing guiding a person through life is a purpose. Success in anything comes about as a result of setting up worthwhile purpose, which you then work towards and achieve, and then you set up new ones…The greatest barrier a person has to success is his own attitude. Change a person’s attitude and he will overcome the most insurmountable problems” As a man in his mid-thirties wanting to achieve one of the early goals in life he set for himself, becoming one of the world’s best lecturers, he sold his business, packed up his family and moved to England where he studied and taught others how to not only improve their lives with communication and eliminating problems but also how to successfully manage businesses. 

It was not until 1968 at the age of 41 that Peter spark an interest in the subject of nutrition leading to his changing his eating habits such as mashing bananas adding sugar and eating it with ice cream but instead opened up his first Health Food Store 10 years later as he studied and dove more and more into the subject of helping people get in shape and heal/reenergize their bodies. Setting an example of what he preached, he had always wanted to fly airplanes, so while living in Arizona in the ‘70s he got his pilot license.
Peter is the author of three books:
Tell It Like It Is” a practical approach to salesmanship
Fundamentals of Success” How to create, manage and expand a business.
The Miracle Nutrient” about his research into
Many lectures, TV and radio shows and fifty-two original health bulletins followed shortly thereafter.  This resulted in Peter quickly becoming a reliable source for valuable information for thousands of people. Peter continued his studies into nutrition at the Life Therapy Institute in California, and he studied with and later became a member of the National Academy of Research Biochemists. His studies included the relation of disease to vitamins, minerals and nutrition, including a great deal of research into the course and cause of cancer, development of the “cold bomb” for handling the common cold based on nutrition, development of numerous vitamin/mineral combinations to enhance health by restoring nutritional deficiencies and maintaining vitamin and mineral balance in the body.  He also conducted research in the area of body aging and body rejuvenation and developed an “Anti-graying formula”. He developed the “Gillham Health Scale”, the “Gillham Health Cocktail” and the Gillham Disease Theory of the Body. He was the original developer of “Instant Calmag”, a calcium and magnesium powder, Natural Calm, and has just come out with Magnesium Supreme and other forms of magnesium.

By 1984, his extensive research had led him to many dramatic discoveries, amongst which are the cause and handling for Hodgkin's disease, and the relationship between the atrophy of muscles and the basics of health and nutrition. When the handlings for these nutritional problems were applied, the result was the disappearance of unwanted body conditions. Peter also discovered the source and cause of muscular atrophy and how to get the muscles back into use, and found that the muscles go into atrophy gradually and how to prevent this from happening. He learned that muscular atrophy was part of ageing and that this can be prevented and reversed. He identified the origin of internal infections and how to get the body to heal any infected area. A key discovery has been that magnesium is the major mineral required by the body and its deficiency is the start of most body difficulties. He learned that the body has an incredible built-in self-healing mechanism and that when you provide the body with the nutrients it needs; the body will restore its own health and vitality. Another highlight of Peter's research was his formation of the Gillham Germ Theory, which explains the action of bacteria and disease. This resulted in a greater understanding of disease and its handling. Peter believes that a true theory, must be simple, explain all activity and every situation, yet must not conflict with other known information.
His concerns for the rampant drug use in society prompted Peter to also study the subject of drug rehabilitation. He specialized in effective nutritional programs that can dramatically reduce the horrible side effects associated with drug withdrawal and enable an individual to get fully rehabilitated. Using his knowledge on the subject of drug rehabilitation, he worked with many Narconons and other drug centers over the years and was a key supplier of quality vitamins recommended for their programs. Peter's unique approach to correcting nutritional problems has produced practical solutions for such complaints as fatigue, low energy, poor sleeping habits, irritability, premenstrual syndrome, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disorders, multiple sclerosis and the list goes on. Using his special products have proven to be a turning point in the lives of thousands of people. But perhaps Peter is most known for his innovative talks filled with truth and practical logic, and spiced with humor. He has lectured and conducted seminars in Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Russia and the U.S. His lectures emphasize the importance and benefits of wholesome diets and correct nutritional supplements. Peter began publishing some of his findings in The Latest magazine in 1996, and lectured at both the Las Vegas and Los Angeles Health Conventions in 1997 and 1999 respectively and attending the yearly SANA Health Convention in Bologna, Italy.
In the early 2000s Peter was not only nominated for Man of the Year 2001 by the American Biographical Institute but also for 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, by the International Biographical Center in Cambridqe, England. In 2001, Peter was awarded "The American Medal of Honor" for outstanding achievements and success in the field of Nutrition and Health and earned himself a place in both national and international biographical dictionaries. In 2002 Peter received a prestigious award from the AmericanBiographical Institute in recognition of outstanding contributions to international communities and life success for the betterment of society and services to mankind. He also received the International Cultural Diploma of Honor and Nobel Prize from the United Cultural Convention for Outstanding Achievement and Contributions to Worldwide Humanity and was inducted into the Great Minds of the 21st Century Hall of Fame for outstanding accomplishments. In October 2002, at the invitation of Mr. Alexander Tsaregorodcev, director and top pediatrician official of the Russian Healthcare Ministry, Peter gave a lecture to the first Russian Congress of "Modern Techniques in Pediatrics and Children's Surgery". It was their wish that this be the first of many scientific educational exchanges between Russia and America.
 Peter also had several successful radio shows in both Florida and California, where he addressed the subject of nutrition and answered caller’s questions. Peter is in elite company as one of five hundred selected for a listing in the first edition of Living Legends by the International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England, publication in 2003 and also amongst the five hundred individuals inducted into the 2002-2003 issue of Leading Intellectuals of the World.
  After studying and teaching Scientology for over 60 years of his life, Peter kept getting in trouble for breaking the rules of Scientology by communicating with his three children from his marriage with Yvonne and for visiting his grandchildren. His children had all left the Scientology Sea Org. Peter left the Church of Scientology and instead, lived out the rest of his life enjoying not only his own children, but also his grandchildren and even two great-grandchildren.

At the age of 81, Peter sold his very successful company, which still sells his original magnesium products. Continuing to be active in life, Peter kept tabs on his original store Peter Gillham’s Nutrition Center, which had a name change for several years to “Peter’s Choice” but has since reverted to its original name and remains in the same location it has had for the last 40 plus years.


Reaching his 90s, Peter remained interested in helping others and shared his original discoveries and gave hope to many who have followed him through the years to better health. Many have found this path an inspiring road to personal discovery or renewed health and vitality not just for themselves, but also for their loved ones.  Their successes and gratitude has always given him satisfaction at being able to help others.

In 2017, Peter traveled to Australia to celebrate his 90th birthday, he then took a cruise of some Caribbean islands, then at 92 he went to Hawaii for a Grandson’s wedding


At 91 years old, Peter after living in America for nearly 50 years, proudly became an American Citizen and was honored to vote for his first time in the 2020 elections.

Peter at the age of 93, slipped and hit his head, which he did not recover from. He passed away peacefully in the presence of his loved ones having made it a point to see and speak to each of them before moving on.

A Celebration of Life event will be held in the Los Angeles area for Peter in March 2021, depending on the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted by then. A date will be announced once a final date is confirmed.


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