Driven by a desire to help friends and family overcome severe health issues, Peter Gillham became a self-taught expert in the field of nutrition. Peter's research was always with the idea of workability, first establishing what works and then finding out what will work better.

Due to his insistence on results, Peter's sphere of influence grew through his success in helping others overcome a wide variety of health challenges. In 1980, he realized that the nutrient magnesium could be made more absorbable and created a proprietary formulation to successfully accomplish this. Which would eventually become the bestselling magnesium product worldwide.

Peter received 5 separate awards for his achievements in the field of nutrition and made every effort to share his practical approach, knowledge and discoveries with medical and holistic doctors, as well as the general public.

Peter and his staff would specialize in making the field of health practical and easy for everyone. Numerous doctors (chiropractors, nutritionists, and medical doctors) have found his discoveries, literature, and products effective in helping their patients, clients or loved ones get well or just stay healthy.

Peter lectured and conducted seminars in Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. He was invited and spoke on two occasions at the Russian Academy of Pediatric Science in Moscow. His lectures would emphasize the importance and benefits of wholesome diets and correct nutritional supplements. Perhaps Peter is most loved for these innovative lectures and seminars filled with truth, practical logic and spiced with humor.

Peter's unique approach of correcting nutritional problems has produced practical solutions to such complaints as fatigue, poor sleeping habits, over­weight, irritability, low energy, PMS, lack of mental clarity, failing memory ... the list goes on and on. Using his special products has proven to be a turning point in the lives of thousands of people.

Though Peter Gillham sold his company, which made his most popular Magnesium product, he later created a new and improved Magnesium product, called Peter Gillham’s Life Essential Magnesium Supreme which contains 400 mg of magnesium per serving which is more than any other magnesium product in the market.

This new and improved Peter Gillham’s Life Essentials Magnesium Supreme product can be found at Peter Gillham’s Nutrition Center and Online Store at

At there is a whole range of premium quality Vitamin and supplement formulations recommended by Peter Gillham not readily available in any other local or online vitamin stores. Some products are under the Peter’s Choice label or Peter Gillham’s Life Essentials.

There are other brand products sold on that were found to be high quality and recommended by Peter Gillham.

Here at Peter Gillham's Nutrition Center and Online Store, we are committed to the highest quality of products and customer experience. We are a family owned business since the 1970's, and are striving to remain competitive in todays every changing world. However, one thing that has not changed in recent years is the importance of health, as well as our commitment to providing exceptional health education and products. 


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