The Real Stress Remedy (Part 2)

…Continued from last article ‘The Real Stress Remedy Part 1  (be sure to read part 1 first !)


Some say why do I have to take a supplement, why can’t I just eat?”

While that is a very sensible question, the simple answer is:

With the current level of sugar, chemical, carbohydrate and pollution intake in this day and age, the ratio of nutrition (like vitamin B-1) we get out of food is not enough to counteract the sugar and other garbage we consume.  


A cup of sunflower seeds has 0.68 mgs of B-1, yet one 300 mg Tylenol (in a random test) depletes you of at least 300 mgs of B-1 (on average). That would be ALOT of sunflower seeds to remedy the deficiency caused by each tablet of Tylenol.

A test done over a period of a year showed that taking Tylenol with even doses of B-1, (with some Vitamin C and B Complex with protein) results in the difference between having sudden bursts of anger or grief up to 3 hours after taking the Tylenol (without the B-1) or not having the sudden bursts of anger or grief at all.

When they took an equal dose of B-1 to the Tylenol (with some C and B Complex, with protein), they got no negative emotional reaction hours later.  

The remedy (B-1, C and B Complex-preferably with protein), taken at the same time as the drug, helped to keep the depression, anger or grief away.

Also, in several instances the person who ended up in grief or anger after taking the Tylenol, once given protein, B-1, B Complex and C (within a short time) turned back to cheery and sociable after the remedy was taken. Good news! 

SUGAR DIGESTION (yes-digestion

Now, maybe that is Tylenol and not a can of coke, cup of (naturally sweetened) juice or your Supersized cafe Mocha from the local coffee shop, that you drink every single day, but, knowing now that your body needs B-1 to help digest sugar, think about how much B-1 you would actually need to digest the 10 teaspoons of sugar (contained in a small Coca Cola)?

Yes, you actually need B-1 and B Complex just to digest any sugar (and to handle stress) . Well, you say, “I never have to take that when I have my coke or my coffee” and “I’m just fine,” and maybe you are. Chances are you are never grumpy, sleep perfectly, always full of energy and perfectly healthy, but 20 years from now, with no change to your diet or supplementing what you take out of your body to support what you eat?

It’s up to you to judge, but no one likes wrinkles, fat or trouble sleeping.

B Complex and B-1 are used up very rapidly in today’s diet of non-raw foods which have sugar in them and with painkillers, pollution, alcohol and/or prescription drugs.

Balancing yourself out with these supplements is what your body needs and the only way your body can tell you that, is by feeling crappy, grumpy or having trouble with normal things like sleep.   


The simplicity of it all:  

The deficiency of B-1 and other vitamins (used up or prevented from being absorbed) when you consume (or poison yourself) with sugar or drugs, is actually what creates the “stressed feeling” and bad sleep, etc). If done right it may be repaired by taking protein, B-1/B Complex and some Vitamin C.

If you take it already and don’t notice a good change, then you need to look at the ratio of toxic stuff you consume and raise the amount of the good stuff to match it (along with water). When your ratio is right your body won’t complain.

Basically, to give us a chance at peace of mind and less of the feelings we so regularly and desperately feel we need to “medicate,” we just need to take the good stuff (vitamins), in as concentrated a form, as the bad (drugs, sugar, etc).

Vitamins and good food versus sugar, drugs, chemicals and pollution is truly the simplicity and by doing the above you can stay cause over how you feel now and in the future.

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To your health!

Peter Gillham

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