Weight Loss Gimmicks – Don’t Be Fooled

Ridiculous Weight Loss Gimmicks

Today I came across a recipe of a a “slimming” cake by Weight Watchers.  Why was it slimming?  Because it had sauerkraut in it. That is weird in itself, but this “slimming” cake recipe also included  tons of flour (wheat), sugar and fat.  Fat is good for you, but not when it is combined with sugar and starch.  At least the Weight Watchers recipe was using butter and not some GMO canola oil, or other such crap.

This is not a rant against Weight Watchers.  They have helped a lot of people lose weight over the past 50 years, myself included. But what I don’t like about them, and other big weight loss programs (i.e. Jenny Craig), is  the foods they often recommend are just plain bad for you.  If you looked at some of the ingredients in their pre-packaged foods, you would (or should) be shocked.

Don’t Kill Yourself Losing Weight

Yes, you might lose some weight using pre-packaged foods by some of the big weight loss programs, but unless you change your diet permanently and start to eat real food, you will never keep the weight off permanently.

A few months ago I was feeling lazy and thought maybe I could find some low carb frozen dinners in the supermarket.  I used to eat them occasionally several years ago.  There was one brand that used to have several low carb choices but they seem to have disappeared (or maybe this supermarket just wasn’t carrying them anymore).  Anyhow, I only saw one low carb meal and it was full of so much crap (additives and GMO items), I decided to pass. Just out of curiosity I began to look at all the frozen “diet” dinners and was utterly disgusted at the ingredients listed on the label. Back to the salt mines to make my own food.

If you want to get sick (or worse) just start eating “diet” food by some of these companies. They are marketing geniuses and their ads for weight loss can be very seductive, I know. But the long term effects on your body just won’t be worth it.

What About Diet Supplements?

If you have been on the dieting merry-go-round for any length of time, you have probably tried  quite a few diet aids.  Even I have been gullible and bought a few products after one of Dr. Oz’s weight loss promotions. The vast majority really don’t do much. Finding a way of eating that is right for you is really the only long term solution.

There are a few products that do seem to work. In our diet section you will find digestive enzymes and other products that are not marketed specifically for weight loss, but do also help in that area.

The Perfect Diet

It would be wonderful if there was one diet that worked for everyone. But that is simply not the case. You may have to try different diets to see which works best for you. Some people get very thin on  a vegan diet, while others (myself for example), get heavier.  Paleo and low carb work for many people, but again not all. Always eat organic when you can and avoid processed food whenever possible. Good luck!

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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