Lose 5 Lbs Without Dieting!

No, this isn’t about some crazy drink water or eat oranges for a week plan.  Here are 3 tips that really work to help drop a few pounds without any crazy diet.

1. Drink at Least 8 Glasses of Pure Water a Day

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the first time you have heard about drinking all this water.  But do you know why?  Did you know that pure water, and lots of it actually speeds up the metabolism?  Now, don’t you feel more motivated to drink more water?  And when we say water, that is exactly what we mean.  Sorry, but your caffeine fixes, sodas (which are really really bad), and other drinks don’t count.  Just pure water.

2.  Stop Eating Wheat

Become a “glutard” (one who avoids wheat).  Besides being a “frankenfood” (genetically altered from its original form), wheat will bloat a person.  Many people who stop eating wheat often drop 5 lbs in a week when giving it up. You will probably find you have a lot flatter stomach too.  There is also another bonus in giving up wheat.  You will probably be healthier.  Check out a book called “Wheat Belly” by cardiologist, Dr. William Davis.  He goes into great detail how wheat destroys our health and causes our bodies to put on weight.

 3.  Get Plenty of Sleep

Stress can cause weight gain.  When a person sleeps well, wakes up refreshed (preferably without some piercing alarm going off), they tend of be more relaxed and are more able to deal with stressful situations. Stress releases the hormone “cortisol” which stores fat. Of course we have lots of other recommendations  that will also enhance weight loss goals.   Try to eat organic food whenever possible, avoid GM foods (genetically modified) and never eat artificial sweeteners.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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