The Newest Diet in America

The Almost Raw Organic Vegan Low (or High) Carb Paleo Way of Life

Did you know there is a new diet in America?  That’s right.  Be the first to get the scoop here folks.  If you thought you were confused on just what was the perfect diet to eat, keep reading.  We have it all figured out for you. Calorie counting is so passe.  Thank goodness because it was a real drag.   Paleo eating seems to be the “in” thing these days with raw or vegan a close second.  Low carb food is helping a lot of people slim down and feel good but there are also some very convincing arguments to eating a higher carb diet.  Many people are losing fat  and body problems concentrating on fruits and vegetables too. Are you tracking so far?  Of course it was just a matter of time before someone put together the perfect diet to fit everyone’s needs while at the same time not offending anyone at all.  No animals are killed on this diet and it is environmentally sustainable.  Yep, we call this a perfect diet.

What exactly can you eat on this new diet?

So glad you asked.  Now, remember, it may seem a little restrictive but we are sure you will lose weight, cure your physical problems and feel great!

1. Bottled water – We forgot.  Some bottled water is REALLY bad for you.  You must drink water from a well, mountain or river that is not exposed to any toxins anywhere, (don’t forget about exposure to chemtrails either).

2.  Vegetables – Oops, there we go again jumping the gun.  Some vegetables are a no-no on the super low carb diets.  Don’t eat any vegetables that are grown under the soil.  Oh, and don’t eat starchy vegetables because they can’t be eaten on low carb diets either.  Non-starchy organic vegetables grown above ground are acceptable all current popular diets. (Don’t forget to find your vegetables where they have not been exposed to toxins.)

3.  Raw nuts and seeds.  Now this depends on which paleo diet you follow because some don’t recommend them (cave men in America were most likely not eating almonds and pistachios).  Don’t forget the carbs in nuts can add up so don’t eat a lot if you want a low carb menu plan.

4.  Fruit.  Sorry, most fruit is not recommended on a low carb diet though it is an excellent choice for raw foodies, vegans or vegetarians.  Fruit must be eaten in season.  Feel free to indulge in berries in the summer and fall.  They seem to fit well into most diet plans.

5.  Extra-virgin oils.  Not all oils are allowed of course. In fact, we are going to arbitrarily take remove coconut oil from the list of acceptable oils.  How many cavemen in North America or Europe had access to coconuts?  Find oils that are native to your genealogy only.

The Himalayan Diet

Don’t give up!  We really do have the perfect diet worked out for you that everyone can enjoy bear.  Are you ready?  Here is your list of acceptable foods.  Eat all you want.  You are guaranteed to lose weight!  Just one tiny point we forgot to mention.  You have to fly to the Himalayan mountains to do this diet because of the environmental purity that exists in that region.  At least we are hoping geo-engineering hasn’t polluted the area yet.  If so, we may have to revise the diet…..

1.  Water from Himalayan mountain sources  2.  Fruits or vegetables grown in this area (they should be naturally organic)

That’s it!  We hope you have enjoyed your introduction to the latest diet to hit America.   Looking forward to seeing a skinnier and healthier YOU!

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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