B-12 and Folic Acid

B-12 and Folic acid are B-vitamins that are mainly gotten from consuming protein.  As most people probably don’t know what they are or what they do we decided to gather our knowledge and create this post for you! 

Without B-12 and Folic acid we can’t make the blood that flows through our veins every day. Here’s how and why. 

Every day as you go through life, the chemicals in the things you eat, breath, and drink go into your blood.

Your body works hard at filtering these chemicals and other things out of your blood, keeping it both clean and filled with protein and other good things that help heal your cuts, grow your beautiful hair, have fewer wrinkles and keep your muscles strong and healthy, etc. 

In order for your body to make new blood cells every day and to keep the blood you have healthy, there are two things which are vital for you to take, to be able to do this.                              .

One is Vitamin B-12 and the other is called Folic Acid. Both are part of the B-vitamins, which besides creating new blood, B-12 with Folic acid is also essential for:

– A properly functioning nervous system

-Energy, converting your food into energy

-A healthy brain

-Preventing heart disease

-Remedying depression

Believe it or not, it also plays a major role in keeping the actual blue print for your body (the one that tells your body where your nose should be on your face, or how your eyes should continue to look as you grow and age, keeping them looking the same each time new cells grow.

Lastly, getting adequate folic acid is also essential during pregnancy to ensure proper and healthy growth of the fetus.

As a note: You are your most valuable asset. Without your health, all other areas of your life will suffer so strive to prioritise it. As they say, health is the crown that only the sick can see.  Don’t take your health for granted. It really is the greatest gift. 

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Wishing you a good health!
Peter Gillham

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