Garlic and Onions – Better Than Drugs?

According to a recent BBC report, scientists recently discovered a 9th century Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections which is able to kill a range of antibiotic resistant superbugs. This 1000 year old recipe can even kill the very contagious bacteria MRSA “staphylococcus aureus”, commonly known as “staph”. MRSA causes boils or sores on the skin.  In serious cases it can infect the blood, lungs, urinary tract and surgical wounds. Staph bacteria is very difficult to treat and can even be life-threatening.

The eye salve remedy included garlic, onion, leeks, wine and cow bile.  The scientists found that the remedy killed up to 90% of the MRSA bacteria.

You can find the recipe for the eye salve here.

Other Health Benefits of Garlic and Onions

Onions and garlic are well known for their immune boosting properties.  Both onions and garlic contain antibacterial and antiviral compounds. Many popular herbal tonics for colds and flues contain them.

Heart Health

Garlic and onion compounds help keep the blood thin so it passes easily through the arteries. They contain high amounts of bioflavonoids and sulfur which help prevent calcium deposits and reduces arterial plaque.  The nutrients in onions and garlic also help improve circulation and keep unhealthy fats in the blood from causing blockages which can lead to heart disease and strokes.


So powerful are the properties in garlic and onions that they can even protect against some cancers like colon.  Studies indicate that the compounds in garlic and onions can protect against the development of pre-cancerous lesions in the colon as well as in the linings of the digestive tract and intestines.

Other studies have found compelling evidence to suggest that diets high in garlic and onions may also benefit other types of  cancers including kidney, prostate, ovarian, breast, pharynx, oral cavity and esophageal.

You can only benefit from a diet rich in garlic and onions.  Not only do they add a wonderful flavor to food, they might also save your life.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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