Have You Eaten Your Nanoparticles Today?

Nanoparticles in Your Food – Not a Good Idea

Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. This technology has many applications. It is used in the cosmetic industry to enhance the appearance and feel of products. It is used in the packaging of food and is also added directly into foods.

Now, I am all for science. Science is good – for electronics, some medical applications (holistic medicine is far superior), NASA, etc.  But in our food?  I don’t think so.

According to Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at London’s City University, “Nanotechnology in the food industry is being developed far in advance of public awareness. We’ve been here before: additives, irradiation and genetic modification were all fixes promoted by industry….” (Yes, and we know how well all this science has enhanced our health….not!)

No Disclosure Required

Perhaps one of the most concerning issues about this “science” showing up in our food supply is the fact that no disclosure by the food industry is required.

Nano ingredients in food are unregulated and unlabeled. They fall under a system similar to the FDA’s food additive GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) designation which does not require disclosure on any food label.

Do you trust those government entities that are supposed to keep us safe? I don’t.  Chemicals like PCBs and pesticides like DDT which were once thought to be safe, weren’t. Years later we are seeing the devastating effects on our health from these and other toxic substances.  And it isn’t just our bodies that are affected.  What hurts our bodies is also destructive on the environment.

Dangers of Nanoparticles

Because they are so tiny, nanoparticles have the potential to bypass the blood-brain barrier (the membrane that controls the passage of substances from the blood into the central nervous system). They can slip into our cells.  One nanoparticle study involved trout. They were exposed to a common nanoparticle, titanium oxide, which is found in various items like paints, cosmetics and possibly food, as a whitening agent. The nanoparticles caused nerve damage and created holes in the brains of the fish.

A 2004 study found that nanoparticles can easily travel from nasal passageways to the brain, and another found that gold nanoparticles can move across the placenta from mother to fetus. Once in the bloodstream, nanomaterials can circulate throughout the body and be taken up by organs and tissues. What harmful effects this may cause we don’t know. My conspiratorial mind tends to think the effects are probably known, but not made public, for obvious reasons.

Organic Food

But, you’re ok because you only eat and use organic products, right? Sorry to disabuse you of that idea, but there is no guarantee nanoparticles are not hiding in organic foods and body care products. No disclosure is required because they are “safe”. Your only guarantee that you will not be putting them in your body is to eat/use single ingredients from nature. Need a moisturizer? Try coconut or olive oil. Coconut oil is also a great sunscreen. And as for food, avoid processed items, even organic.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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