Natural Antidepressants In Your Kitchen

We all have periods in our lives where things don’t  go the way we want them too.  Family issues, financial difficulties, the deaths of loved ones, and many other situations can cause anxiety and depression.  Drugs can make matters worse. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to drugs to help us through challenging times.  Certain foods can help elevate our moods.

Foods to Fight Depression

Cashews are one of the best foods to eat to help when you are depressed.  They have a high concentration of the amino acid tryptophan, which the body makes into serotonin.  Serotonin is a natural mood elevator.  It gives a person a feeling of well being.  Drugs developed for depression keep serotonin levels raised artificially.

Other foods high in tryptophan include nuts and seeds, poultry (especially turkey), fatty fish,  cheese and other dairy products (organic).

B Vitamins, magnesium and calcium  are also very important in regulating mood and other brain functions.  Foods rich in these nutrients include organic dairy, whole grains, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables.  Green tea, turmeric and dark chocolate also contain ingredients to help you “get the happy on”.  Who knew you could find natural antidepressants right in your kitchen cupboard?

The Importance of Food on Mood

Good quality food not only helps you keep slim and healthy, it helps fight depression.  People who eat a lot of highly processed food have more problems, both physically and mentally.   With so much negativity going on around us, we need all the help we can get to remain strong. Food is something that you are in control of. Eat well. Be happy.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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