The Healthy Cucumber

The Health Benefits of Cucumber

The cucumber comes from the same family as the melon, though we tend to think of it as a vegetable rather than a fruit. It is a powerful food for both internal and external use. The cucumber is loaded with vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. In fact, you might even call the cucumber a superfood.

Perfect for Summer

Because the cucumber is 95% water, it can really hydrate the body and has a cooling effect, both inside and out. If you need a pick-up in the heat, chomp down on some cucumber. The alkalizing ingredients in the cucumber, along with a high fluid content, make it a perfect energizer.

Sun burned your skin? Just put cucumber slices on the burned area.  For a larger surface, make some cucumber juice and use a cloth to spread it over your body.

Cancer, Diabetes and Other Ailments

Cucumber contains 3 lignans (compounds found in plants) that have been shown to reduce the risk of several types of cancers including breast, prostate, ovarian and uterine.

The juice of the cucumber will actually decrease blood sugar levels significantly.  This is good news for diabetics or people who have pre-diabetic conditions. High blood sugar levels are also associated with obesity and it is possible that cucumber can help with weight loss too.

Painful joints? Cucumbers contain an abundance of silica which helps to strengthen connective tissues, promoting joint health. They also contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which may lessen arthritic symptoms.

As well as being a natural diuretic, cucumbers contain nutrients that help to regulate blood pressure (high or low).

The Cucumber is “Beautifying”

There are so many reasons to love Mr. Cucumber. The acids in the cucumber help to prevent water retention. Slices of cucumber are great to bring down the swelling on puffy eyes. Cucumbers can even be used to help with cellulite removal. The nutrients in cucumber draw out excess fluids and tighten collagen.

The cucumber contains a phytochemical (compound found in plants) that kills bacteria. Pressing a slice of cucumber to the roof of the mouth for 30 seconds will act as a breath freshener.

Crazy Ways to Use Cucumber

Shoe Polish (Yes, you read that correctly) – Just rub a slice on your shoes.  Not only will it shine the shoes but will also help repel water.

Foggy Mirror – Rub a slice of cucumber on the mirror in the bathroom before showering to prevent it fogging up.

Squeaky Door Hinges – Cucumbers can be used as lubricants to de-squeak (we made that word up) door hinges and other metal joints.

Next time you want a superfood to keep you healthy, make you look younger, and use as a mechanical lubricant, the cucumber has got your back.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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