The Truth About Salt

The Salt Lie

Earlier this week I was at my chiropractor and out of the blue, with no reference to any previous conversation we had been having, he said to me “worth your weight in salt”.  He want to say how salt was once a very valuable commodity and that is where the expression had originated from.  Then, he started talking about a completely different subject.  It was weird, this salt conversation coming out of nowhere.  A few hours later I get home and find an email forwarded to me from a friend.  It was an article about the value of salt.  Was the “universe” trying to tell me something?  Did I need to write an article about salt?

You Have Been Lied To

Just like the lie promoted for decades that fat causes heart attacks and weight gain, salt has also been in disfavor from negative propaganda. No matter how much bad “facts” I have heard about salt over the past 30 years, I have never been able to give it up.  I have been on many raw and vegan diets that expounded on the horrors of salt.  How did salt become the devil that causes hypertension and other diseases?

The History of Salt

Salt has been used for thousands of years and has played a key role in man’s history.  Not only has it been used to flavor foods, it has also been used as a food preservative.  Many cultures around the globe have also used salt in religious ceremonies.

Salt was once used for trade and currency.  The word salt comes from the Latin word “salarium” which means salary, stipend or pension.

Salt is Vital to Life

Salt, (the right kind) is essential to life.  It provides 2 elements your body cannot make on its own – sodium and chloride.  You must get them from your food.

Natural salt is needed to regulate blood pressure, carry nutrients in and out of cells, help the brain communicate with the muscles, support the adrenal glands and much more.

Do Not Eat Processed Salt

Processed salt, also known as table salt, is the devil causing problems..  It contains toxic moisture absorbents and flow agents. Table salt is also processed at a very high heat (1200 degrees Fahrenheit), which dramatically alters the chemical structure of the salt.

When choosing a salt, choose one that has been dried naturally, in temperatures found in nature, and has nothing added to it. Good quality salt can come from the ocean, or from ancient sea beds that are  found in areas like Utah.

Highly processed salt, combined with processed food is dangerous and can cause many health problems. Mankind has been thriving on natural salt for thousands of years, and you can too.

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