Avoid Artificial Food Dyes – They are Toxic

Are Artificial Food Dyes Making You Sick?

Food dyes are one of the most toxic food additives you could put into your body.   In 1952 Americans ate about 12 mg of artificial food dyes a day. Now, we are eating an average of 62 mg a day.

Considerable research has, and is, being done on possible links between artificial food dyes and the alarming rise in children being diagnosed with ADHD.  Yes, children will become hyper, and act up when their bodies are fed poison.   (Do we really need studies to prove that?)  Probably most irrational behavior in children can be traced back to food additives such as preservatives, artificial dyes, GMO’s, pesticides and other toxins. It is not just children that are affected by food dyes.

In several studies on rats, artificial food colors caused severe health problems, including tumors. (If you want to know why almost all research is done on rats and mice, it is because their biological and behavioral characteristics closely resemble those of humans.)

Synthetic Food Dyes Linked to Cancer & More

Nine of the synthetic dyes currently approved for US foods are linked to health issues ranging from cancer and hyperactivity, to allergy-like reactions. 

A 2007 British study found that children who consumed a mixture of synthetic dyes displayed hyperactivity behavior within 1 hour of consumption.

European Union Regulates Food Dyes

Since 2010, the European Union has required the warning “may have an adverse affect on activity and attention in children” on all products containing synthetic food dyes. This prompted many food manufacturers in the EU to voluntarily remove the dye from their products. In fact, UK branches of Wal-Mart, Kraft, Coca-Cola and Mars have not only removed artificial food colors from their products, but also sodium benzoate and aspartame.

Europe, and much of the world, are far more intelligent (or caring) when it comes to the health of their citizens.

The Solution

We, the consumers, have the power. Stop buying unhealthy food products. It is very simple. Share your knowledge. Please take the torch and pass it on.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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