Monsanto – Losing Business Everywhere

The entities running Monsanto these days are probably not very happy.  All around the globe, Monsanto’s products are being banned.


Two Swiss supermarket chains, “Coop” and “Migros” have announced they will no longer sell products that contain glyphosate (i.e. Roundup), and will be exploring non-toxic weed alternatives.


Last September German retail giant (350 stores) “toom Baumarkt DIY” decided to remove all glyphosate-containing products from their shelves.

The cultivation and sale of GM maize (corn) is also banned in Germany.

West Africa

“Interprofessional Cotton” in Brukino Faso, West Africa, is a group of cotton farmers that also includes banks, research institutes, private stakeholders and government entities.  This group has decided to phase out of Monsanto’s cotton seeds over the next 3 years. Members of Interprofessional Cotton have complained that Monsanto’s GM cotton did not produce quality cotton fiber and the farmers have experienced lower yields.


Japan does not allow any GM seeds to be planted.  Unfortunately, GM canola is now growing wild around Japanese ports and roads to major oil companies because canola from Canada, which is GM, has been allowed into the country.  This is a perfect example of how a GM product can take root quite unintentionally.

New Zealand

No GM foods are allowed to be grown in this country.  (Way to go NZ!)

Closer to Home – USA

We also have victories over Monsanto in the USA too.  The most recent case was  in Oregon a few weeks ago.  A federal judge in Jackson County decided to uphold the county’s ban on GM crops that passed in 2014.

For decades Monsanto has run enormous growing and testing operations in Hawaii.  In November of 2014, the residents of Maui County were successful in getting a ban on all GMO crops.  This was a huge loss for Monsanto who spent nearly $8 million dollars to defeat the ban.

In California several counties  have successfully banned GM crops – Mendocina, Trinity and Marin, Humboldt and Santa Cruz.

World Wide Protests

A few years ago very few people had heard the terms genetically modified and genetically engineered.  Now, millions of people around the world have become aware of evil corporations like Monsanto and their partner in crime, Dow Chemicals, and their agenda to poison humanity.

This past March, thousands  gathered in over 400 rallies in cities around the globe protesting Monsanto.  Monsanto is continuing to lose profits as public awareness increases and their products are not wanted.

Goodbye Monsanto. Don’t come back.

Peter Gillham

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