How To Avoid School Vaccinations

Every State Has Vaccination Exemptions

In a few weeks, millions of children will once again return back to school.  But only if the children have had their “mandatory” vaccinations will they be allowed to enroll.  What if vaccinations weren’t so mandatory?

Vaccinations Cause Outbreaks

Vaccinations are medical atrocities being forced on populations around the world for a very nefarious agenda.  Not only do they wreak havoc on our physical and mental health, vaccinations actually cause outbreaks of the disease they are supposedly preventing.  Based on the theory of giving the body a little bit of the virus so it can build up antibodies and prevent a full-fledged illness, each vaccine contains a virus.   Many of the outbreaks of diseases where vaccines have been given are actually caused by the vaccines themselves, through a process called “shedding”.  Shedding exposes everyone around the vaccine to the virus it contains.

The Gardasil Vaccination Has Killed Children

Gardasil, a vaccination that the CDC recommends be given routinely to boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 12 is for a sexually transmitted infection called HPV that  affects the genital area.  Since when do children between 11 and 12 need to start preventing sexual diseases?

According to the CDC website, there have been 12,424 adverse reactions reported to the Gardasil vaccine and 32 children died from it.

Government Payouts

Each year the US government pays out millions of dollars in compensation for injuries and deaths from vaccines.  In 2013 it paid out $276,424,637 in damages.  So far this year, (August, 2014), 194,438,663 has been paid out in compensation.  Here is the link to the US Dept. of Health & Human Resources site with the statistics.

Parents Can Avoid Vaccinating Their Children

Though most parents do not realize this, all 50 states allow vaccination exemptions. There are 3 different types of exemptions allowed – personal, religious and medical.  Some states allow all 3 exemptions, others just the medical exemption.