How We Get Rid of Monsanto?

Sick of Monsanto Yet?

Well, I am.  I am fed up and want to do something about it.  After 20 years of working in the alternative health industry and seeing what this evil company has done to our planet, I want to be one of pallbearers carrying their coffin.

A few years I was just some radical health nut.  My friends and acquaintances had no interest in what was happening to our food supply.  How times have changed.  This past weekend thousands of people (or “activists” as one person tweeted) around the globe gathered in anti-Monsanto protests. The world is waking up.

How Can we Escalate the Demise of Monsanto?

This is a good question.  How do we get the message to the masses?  I live in a city where there are millions of people at, or below the poverty line.   Many of these people depend on government subsidies to put food on the table.  Can they afford to feed their families organic produce?  No, of course not.  So, what is the solution?

Keep Up Public Pressure

Not everyone has to stop eating GMO food to hurt Monsanto.  Kraft foods and other similar companies provide Europe with better quality food because the citizens of those countries demand it.  Are there people in Europe that can’t afford organic?  Of course there are.  But years ago, enough people in Europe refused to buy the chemically-laden processed  food that the manufacturers were providing.  No company wants to see a loss in their profit margin.  What happened?    The food manufacturers began supplying their European  customers with  “healthier” versions.

We can do the same in the USA.  Here’s how:

1. Continue to educate the public via social media platforms.

2. Buy organic whenever possible.  Farmer markets are a great source for reasonably priced produce.

3. Start frequenting restaurants that provide organic and non-GMO foods.  If this isn’t possible, just make sure you don’t order anything with corn, soy or wheat ingredients.  Choose ocean caught fish over meat, chicken or farmed fish.

4.  Grow your own garden whenever possible or find a friend who might be able to rent you a small plot in their garden.

And before you know it, Monsanto will go up in flames!

We can make a difference.  We ARE making a difference.  Don’t give up the fight.  The future of mankind depends on what we do now.

Will Monsanto Go Organic?

Many vitamin companies are now owned by big corporations including pharmaceutical companies. Of course the pharmaceutical industry had jump on the bandwagon when they saw the profits that could be made in the supplement industry.  Would I knowingly buy products from these companies?  Never.

I suspect, in the not-too distant future, Monsanto will make the change and start to supply organic produce (possibly even under a different name).  Do I trust them? NEVER. And neither should you. Let’s make sure they go down in flames for good.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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