The Contamination of Sea Salt

Has Sea Salt Been Contaminated?

I was on Pinterest yesterday and came across a short video by well known naturopath, Dr. Leonard Coldwell.  In the video, Dr. Coldwell mentioned the fact that salt from the ocean was contaminated by the radiation from Fukushima.  He was recommending Himalayan salt because it was mined and not affected by the radiation, or for that matter, chemtrails.  I found this quite interesting and hadn’t considered the effects of the Fukushima radiation on the world’s main source of salt.

Though the media cover-up is enormous, the alternative health community knows how devastating the Fukushima incident was, and continues to be.  The radioactive release from Fukushima has already surpassed the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.  There is no end in sight. Fukushima continues to dump radioactive waste into the ocean on a daily basis.

Perhaps in this case, ignorance is bliss.  Do the millions of people who eat fish, salt, seaweed, etc. from the ocean really need to know the truth? Would they be able to do anything about the situation? Probably not.

But for those of us who do know the ugly truth and want alternatives, what do we do?

Eating Mined Salt Is A Good Idea

For years I have been using Redmond’s RealSalt.  After watching Dr. Coldwell’s video I checked out how this salt was extracted.  RealSalt is the remnant of an ancient sea in Utah.  It is mined from 5000 feet underground.   That was good news.  Not only is it protected from radiation fall-out, it is also protected from geoengineering chemicals (chemtrails) that blanket the entire planet.

Mined salt, whether Himalayan or from Utah, does seem to be the safest choice.  One small step in the right direction.

NaturalNews had an interesting article on their site today about creating an off-grid, indoor food production system   This is a solar-powered aquaponic system that can provide both fish and vegetables.  Here is the link to the article.

We must each take responsibility for having healthy food to eat.  The government, and  large food-related corporations, have made it very clear that they have an agenda.  And it isn’t a pretty one.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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