The Real Stress Remedy (Part 1)

Every person I know of or have met has some kind of problem with either sleep, mood, stress, depression, anxiety, anger, nervousness or energy (too much or too little), that they would like to solve.


The question is what causes the problem?

In this current day we consume sugar, chemicals, pollution and drugs, etc., way in excess of what we used to. Therefore, our bodies, require more of the solution to these problems than we have available in our food alone.

For example:                                                 

The average human consumed 9 spoons of sugar per day in 2004.

As of 2008, we consumed approximately 19 spoons of sugar per person, per day.

In the current day (Per Forbes.Com) we consume 41 teaspoons per person, per day, which is double 8 years ago and WAY above what we can actually tolerate to stay healthy (for any decent length of time) before we start to experience low energy, tiredness, crankiness, depression, grief, insomnia, etc.

Note: One regular Coke is about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Have a coke with a meal and you still aren’t including the sugar in your bread, coffee, ketchup, etc. Look at a few labels and you will see what I mean.

Some of us also consume anti depressants, painkillers, beer, coffee, medical marijuana, breathe the polluted air, smoke or even wear chemical based make-up.

All of these substances go out thru the same filters in your body, ie., liver, kidneys and skin (in your sweat).


How does the body deal with the excess of chemical substances or sugar? The answer is, it has a hard time and you get tired, stressed, upset, depressed, etc., as a result.

But, there are remedies for this that are so simple it’s awesome, and they may work for anyone if done right!


Peter's Choice VITAMIN B-1 is a perfect example (and, please note, it needs to be taken with B-complex, Vitamin C and protein to work properly).

Vitamin B-1 itself specifically is made to help with things like:





*Energy level

*Converts all kinds of sugars into usable energy (instead of tiredness)

*and it also helps with sleep!


The human body doesn’t produce B-1 on its own or store it (except in teeny amounts). What you do eat or take, you use a little of THAT DAY and then pee out the rest, usually within the same day. The human body has very low B-1 storage.

We were originally meant to get B-1 from a daily, regular, consumption of protein and other foods that contain it, like fish, macadamia nuts or sunflower seeds, etc.

Also, the protein we do eat to get B-1 was intended to be had without having sugar added to it, or things like ketchup, bread (a bun), coffee or soda. These additional sources of sugar delay and even prevent complete protein digestion, cause gas and indigestion. They also burn up more of your B-1 supply, causing more stress).

We’re not saying you have to quit sugar, tea or coffee, so don’t panic and please, read on.


The B-1 you eat gets used to convert any carbohydrate or sugar into energy. Otherwise the body treats sugar like a poison, which makes you feel like crap. No joke.

B-1 also gets used up by your body in the handling of any poison, like coffee (caffeine), cigarettes, (nicotine), air (pollution) or drugs (pot) and by day-to-day stress (traffic-fights-deadlines), etc. 

So, B-1 helps the body to battle poisons of any kind. BUT, because of excessive intake in everything from our air to our food, it gets used up too rapidly to keep up. Why?

The guy who created this fantastic human body never intended us to eat, breathe or smoke poison. I mean, who would eat or breathe poison, right?

So, one of the main remedies for poison, (B-1 or B-Complex) wasn’t made to be stored in the body in large enough amounts to deal with our current consumption.

Far-fetched, sure, but who cares, it’s true.

He DID, however, think about you getting a cut, bruised or banged up, which is why the body (this lovely thing) heals itself. Yay!


Now, in the old days, eating a piece of steak was probably enough to get all the B-vitamins you needed.

These days, however, just one Coca-Cola, one puff of a cigarette, a painkiller, a few breaths of polluted air in LA (or pot) and (add to that) the stress of watching a well-done action movie or a real fight or upset in life and all this uses up more B-vitamins than you can get out of one piece of meat (or even three meals).

No one’s saying you can’t eat sugar or have some wine or beer, but, why not use the B-1, B-Complex (with protein and C) remedy to aid in fixing it up afterwards or get some in reserves, before you start?

That way you don’t wreck your body or become a stressed-out grumpy person, with no energy, poor sleep, poor appetite, grief, anger, etc., who now depends on more of the same sugar, cigarettes or pot (or worse, prescription drugs) to “get happy” or “chill out” again?

And doing all this while wearing your body out (a bit more each time) and frankly-getting older, grumpier and uglier.

Our point is that a daily intake of the simple, commonly needed vitamins, taken in adequate amounts, may not be thought to be needed, but these days, they actually are more than ever…

Try it today and see. It’s natural and worth it!


B-50 Complex (with niacin)

Vitamin C "Ultra"

To your health!

Peter Gillham

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