The Real Stress Remedy (Part 3)



Strangely enough, almost all anxiety, stress and “mind-related” medication is made of mainly chemicals foreign to the human body.

They may seem to help for a bit, but, while doing it, they actually burn up MORE B-1 and B-Complex each time you take them, creating a bigger problem or deficiency, than when you started.

This creates the need to have more “medication” to stay sane and happy. And it wastes your money (and life) in the long run, because it doesn’t actually fix the problem, it makes it worse.

B-1 and B-complex, taken daily in adequate amounts (with protein and C) may help with the problem.

You can be happier, calmer, get more sleep and be less angry or stressed, all by doing something really simple and take even parts  B-1 to your painkillers, or toxic substance (beer, sugar, etc) and a daily vitamin pack to balance it out.

If you are an extreme stress person or 3 coca-colas per day type, take more B-1, B-complex and C, in ratio to the sugar/toxins and stress you consume each time. This would keep things right and can prevent the bad side effects.


As an example, If I knew I was going out to have dinner and some wine or beer. A few hours before, I would toss back 1,000 mgs of  b-1 and 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast, (a form of B-complex that has protein in it already) or a b complex, with some water (and a light protein snack).

This would undoubtedly get burned up by the beer/wine, etc. and whatever other carbohydrates were in your dinner, but may help in keeping that one beer making you cheerful tipsy, instead of angry, violent, etc.

As a note, carbohydrates also use up B vitamins to convert carbs and sugars into something your body can use for energy, instead of treating it like poison.

If I opted for a second beer..well, just know that you could toss back another 1,000 mgs of b-1 and some B complex with C, then, or even the next day, with a meal -up to you- but, if you keep that in, you may not end up being a cranky, grumpy, stressed out mess later on.

And, no promises, but you will have much less chance of unnecessary weight gain, unless you eat enough calories to feed a small village, with your drink. 🙂      


Same thing would go with if you decide to pop a Tylenol or something for your headache.

Take it with some B-1, B complex, C and protein and once the Tylenol has done it’s job, you won’t wake up to find yourself griefy, angry, stressed or no fun to be around and you will have less trouble sleeping the next day). 

REMEDY! (per the merriam webster means “something that corrects or counteracts”)

Introducing our awesome daily multi-vitamin packet called Body Basics or Theta Essentials available at Peter’s Choice Nutrition Center online, by phone or at the store. These contain the B-Complex and B-1 that you need, as a normal healthy minimum in your day to day life.

Our Daily vitamin packet is made for the average, healthy diet “normal Joe”, without the crazy sugar, smoking, coffee habit, and/or painkiller problem.  

We offer a choice of two different simple daily vitamins packets, the Theta Essentials packet has more B-1 than the Body Basics.

Just buy a 30-day supply and take one packet per day with a meal, no extra thinking required.

But, you say, I drink coffee (or beer), eat sugar, am stressed and take a Tylenol now and then, so what about me…well, read on! 


Yes, we even have something for the 3 coca cola or doughnuts per day, party animal types (or the person in pain who takes more of whatever painkiller to remedy it).

For you, we have our B-1 and B complex sold as a separate thing, in addition to our daily packet.

These are, as mentioned, best taken in ratio to your habits.

If you are, for example, an extreme stress or extreme sugar consumer, or have your weekly (daily) beer or daily arguments (more stress) and maybe want to fix it afterwards?  

You can take B-1 with B complex (and C) with protein each day to keep yourself healthy and less messed up in the long run.

If you think that B-1 can’t help, then just look at this:

Does the beer make you drunk?

Does the Tylenol chemically “lessen” your headache?

Do the prescription drugs chemically “change your moods” (even if they leave you actually worse in the end)?

They do.

So why not vitamins?

The only difference is that they are natural, good for you and simply the concentrated good parts of the foods you eat, not more chemicals, but they too can affect your mood, life, etc (just in a good way).


Taking them is also not hard, you just toss a daily packet back with your meal before you start your day (and some extra B-1 if you eat pancakes, drink coffee, etc) and you build yourself a reserve of B’s you can then steal from, when you have alot of sugar or other things that use it up.

Helpful Hint: As a normal thing, try not to take B-1 after dinner or too late at night unless you are also out dancing or doing something energetic that will burn it right up. It may keep you awake if taken too close to bed time on a normal day. 

So, now you know some of the major reasons why we can get stressed out and how to fix it on your own and stay cool.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at or message us on twitter @petersvitamins! 

Here are some links so you can check out our two simple, daily multi-vitamin packet choices, plus extra B-1, if you need it.

Theta Essentials Daily Packet 

Body Basics Daily packet 


Vitamin C

Here’s to an awesome happier, well rested, less stressed and more energetic life!

Peter Gillham

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