25 Uses for Silver Defense

Silver Used For Thousands of Years

Silver is a natural antibiotic and has been used for thousands of years by the Phoneticians, Romans, Greeks and even Chinese Emperors.  These cultures used it to prevent food from spoiling, keep bacteria from forming in water, and as medicine to treat wounds and many other ailments.  In fact, silver was used in western medicine prior to the introduction of antibiotics.  Silver is a powerful germ fighter.

Silver Defense

Most silver on the market is known “colloidal silver”.  In colloidal silver formulas the silver is “suspended” in the water and the absorption factor varies from between 15% to 54%. The silver in Silver Defense is completely dispersed in the water and it has an absorption factor of at least 99%!

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Purified Silver, Purified Water  

25 Uses For Silver Defense

  • Disinfect cuts, scrapes and other wounds
  • Add to drinking water to kill pathogens
  • Sterilize counters, breadboards and kitchen utensils & sponges
  • Disinfect baby’s changing table
  • Soothe a diaper rash
  • Apply to a toothbrush or swish around in mouth to kill germs
  • On antibiotic-resistant bacteria, both internally and externally
  • Take internally for candida
  • As a gargle for sore throats
  • Ear infection
  • Put on a band-aid
  • Nose infection
  • Bladder infections
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Eye drops
  • Spray on burns to help heal quickly
  • Spray on garbage to prevent odors from decay
  • Add to juices or milk to prevent spoiling
  • Spray on feet and in shoes to stop itching from Athlete’s foot and other fungi
  • Use on pets for wounds and sickness
  • Spray pet bedding to sterilize
  • Wipe on food lids before putting them back on
  • Add to water in flower vases
  • Help prevent acne
  • Cold sores

There are probably other uses for Silver Defense.  This is an amazing product that should be kept in your kitchen and bathroom at all time.

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