Drugs, Caffeine & More in Your Bottled Water

Think Bottled Water is Healthier?

The good news is that you probably don’t need to be pouring 8 or more glasses of water into your body every day.  (our blog 8 Glasses of Water May Not Be Healthy). The bad news? Our water, even bottled water, may have some pretty nasty surprises in it. A lot of bottled water is just glorified tap water. Why?  Bottled water is not subject to the stringent testing that even municipal tap water is. For the most part, the bottled water industry is pretty unregulated. Bottled water is overseen by the FDA. The same FDA that allows poisonous substances into our foods and approves drugs that destroy our physical and mental health. That is why we say it is mostly unregulated. Many of the popular bottled waters are bottled by big corporations like Nestle and Coca Cola (i.e. Aquafina & Dasani). These companies are soulless or they would not be producing foods and beverages that are killing mankind. How much integrity do you think they have when it comes to their bottled water?

Pharmaceuticals, Caffeine, Pesticides & More

Researches from the U.S. Geological Survey’s California Water Science Center found pharmaceuticals, caffeine, pesticides and other contaminants in the Los Angeles ground water systems. Now, you might be thinking, well I don’t live in the Los Angeles area so how would that effect me? Many brands of water are bottled in the Los Angeles area, as well as other beverages and foods that contain water. For the purpose of this article, we mention L.A., but drugs and other toxins will be found in many (if not all) municipalities around the country. Even Europe has the same problem. In a recent study, commercial water in Spain revealed pharmaceutical chemicals and nicotine in the water. Similar studies have been done in the UK with results showing the same residues in the water. Contaminants in our water is a global situation.

What Bottled Water is Relatively Clean?

Crystal Geyser might be a good choice. According to their Bottled Water Report, they bottle their water directly from pristine areas around the country.  They do not add fluoride or anything else to their water. The food chain, Trader Joe’s,  private labels Crystal Geyser water for their house brand. They also have water from New Zealand that might be good. We have not done research into it. We would love to get your feedback on this issue. Do you know good sources of water, or water filters?

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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