Colds and Stuffy Noses

Cold and Stuffy Noses 

Hi Everyone,

We noticed that there is a cold going around, so we decided to dig up some simple workable remedies online on natural cold and flu preventions for you all.

Colds are actually easy to handle or prevent, you just have to know how.

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Here are some of the cool ideas and remedies that can help you kick your cold quickly and (virtually) painlessly.


1) Hot drinks (no sugar added!)

Hot liquids can help remedy your cold or flu. They go straight into your blood stream, so may work more rapidly than other products. They can help relieve nasal congestion, soothe your throat and prevent dehydration.

Favorite recipes:

-1 tsp of raw honey and a tsp of apple cider vinegar, add water to taste, drink as often as you can.

-1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of raw honey in hot water.

-For people who can handle spicy food, add cayenne pepper to either of the above recipes, as hot as you can take, then drink up!

-For hard core cold attackers (who don’t mind stinky breath): add a garlic clove to the hot raw honey-lemon water and drink that. It’s potent, but it’s worth it.  (Note: Honey should never be given to children under age 1)

If you wish to add more lemon, vinegar or raw honey to taste, you can, it is good to listen to your body while helping it heal.

*These recipes above are also great when used as a gargle and should be used several times a day.

Salt water works well too, but just as a gargle (not to drink).

2) Vitamin C Ultra

Our Vitamin C Ultra formula is made with several ingredients that are excellent for Vitamin C absorption.

If you have a cold already, this formula works best when you take 3 tablets with water every hour, on the hour, until you get loose stools ( which show you have had enough) at this point you can cut back to one per hour, with water.

If you get loose stools with the first dose, while you have a cold, you may be deficient in calcium, try taking some Calmag (from first, then vitamin C. 

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3) Apple Cider Vinegar

Cold viruses tend to turn your body acid making it difficult for the immune system to fight it. Taking apple cider vinegar in a capsule form (about 3-5 caps) or as a drink, will help not only fight a cold, but can put your body back into an alkaline state, proofing it against other illness as well.

Mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water and honey or add a little lemon (optional) and drink this several times a day. This tastes great and works well! 

4) Vitamin C Crystals

C Crystals are a powerful immune booster and cold remedy. Peters Choice’s vitamin C Crystals taste extremely good in either hot or cold water (no sugar added).

They add a nice tangy taste to your water and should dramatically help with your cold.

1-2,000 mgs per hour in about 32 oz of water should work to start, (you can adjust it to taste) until your stools get loose, then cut back.

NOTE: Once better, should you become addicted to having C crystals in your water, which is totally ok and healthy, be sure to take Cal Mag daily as well. Excessive C intake without supplementing calcium can cause other deficiencies. 

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5) Ginger

Ginger is a powerful soothing agent and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It is good for digestion, warms the body and is very effective at promoting sweating. Sweating helps get rid of toxins and other harmful invaders.

Ginger (in capsule form or as a hot tea) is a popular home remedy for both cold symptoms and a sore throat. Honey and lemon can also be added (to taste) if desired. 

6) Echinacea 

One study found that taking echinacea can reduce your chance of developing a cold by more than 50 percent and may shorten the duration of cold symptoms by several days. It stimulates the immune system and is an excellent cold remedy. For taste, you may want to add juice. 

7) Oil of Oregano

Excellent in it’s ability to both prevent harmful viruses from taking hold and in eradicating existing viruses such as a cold. It is a powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent and helps to create a strong immune system. Mix in water or juice and drink.  

8) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has an amazing ability to target virtually any virus, including cold viruses. Coconut oil absorbs directly into viral cells where it breaks apart and disintegrates the protective coating of the virus, effectively killing it.

1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil daily, particularly at the beginning of cold symptoms, may stop the virus. 

9) Sniffle Kickers

Sniffle Kickers contains key ingredients (vitamins, bioflavonoids, garlic and more) to help knock out anything that may come your way.  For best results, take two Sniffle Kickers supplements at the first sign of infection and preferably with a meal. 

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These are all great remedies for Colds and Flus.  

10) Last but not least we recommend drinking enough water and if you can, go for a run, soak in a hot tub or sit in a sauna while taking vitamin C to encourage sweating !

Any of these can and will stimulate faster healing.

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Good luck and happy healing!
Peter Gillham

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