Ever been in real pain before or known someone who was?

You’ve probably seen them resort to alcohol, pot or worse painkillers or prescription drugs to solve the problem (anything to get relief).

I know how you feel and have been there.

Recently, I decided to do some research about natural pain remedies which don’t result in your liver falling out or you becoming a cranky, grumpy or an otherwise toxic personality.

(Or just someone who is too tired to have fun, because of the harmful and unpredicted physical and emotional side effects of alcohol or and drugs used to solve pain, which would suck).

There is a reason why prescription painkillers, alcohol or pot do not work in the long run but, first, let me explain about the two ways to handle pain.

One is to cover it up or hide it from your senses with drugs or alcohol making you “feel better.”

These both poison your bodies filter systems and because the body has to clean the drugs/alcohol out of your blood to stay alive, while taking the time to clean stuff out, it slows down the healing process.

The second way is to simply repair the damage so that it is better and the pain goes away. This way is best. It’s just a matter of how to do it quickly, so that you don’t hurt for very long.


The reason painkillers/alcohol/drugs don’t actually work in the long run, is because the part of your body that creates the natural substances you need to heal/repair your body (by using your food and vitamins), are the same organs that filter out the poisons (drugs) you put in the body. So drugs of any kind, or alcohol, essentially poisons the organ that does the healing process and mucks up the body while it does it.

Simply stated and true.

This leads us to the second method: fix the damage, so you don’t feel any pain.

Some say that takes too long! And I say maybe, but there are many tricks to healing the human body that aren’t drugs, which in the long run work faster, so read on.

First, the most important thing to know is that the things that heal the human body travel thru your blood steam to the site of pain, to repair it.

Take a broken bone for example: you minimally need calcium, minerals and protein to heal a bone.

Your body gets these things thru the blood. You naturally crave and eat foods that have these things in them. Once digested, your body, bit by bit “glues” that bone back together and rebuilds it.

The speed of healing depends on how much you eat of what you need, (nutrition) and how fast your blood travels to that bone (circulation).

A common wrongness when you are ill or injured is to just lie down and do nothing for days and days until you heal.

There are surely some kinds of illnesses that require less motion to heal and sleep is always good for sure, but, for the most part, most things you need to heal, will actually heal twice as fast with increased circulation.

Some people use hot and cold compresses or showers, ginger or cayenne to speed up their blood. Some use exercise.

These methods work but, it is very important to put what you need to do the healing, in your blood, while you speed up the circulation.

So, with the right nutrients in your blood and your blood going to the site of the pain twice as fast, you get twice the speed of healing and less pain.

That is the simplicity of it:

Each drug you take, beside slowing down your healing, can take you on an emotional ride that isn’t worth your time or money, while you heal.

An interesting thing about the human body is, most of the time you can just give it what it needs to heal itself, by eating some of the thing that your body is trying to repair.

For example if you have a bad liver, go out, buy and eat some liver, if your muscles are sore eat some protein, like fish or chicken. It takes the ingredients in that body part (mainly) to make that body part.

If your head hurts, the brain is made of fat (like omega 3 oils, fish oil or coconut oil) and nerves, which are made up of B-vitamins and protein. Take those to help repair a head injury faster (as well as potassium or Bromelain, from pineapple) for the swelling. 

For some headaches, since the brain is also a large percent water, it could just be that your brain is dehydrated, making the brain itself shrink and literally pull itself away from the edges of the inside of your skull, causing an all over headache.

This is resolved NOT by a drug, but by that simple thing called water. Some headaches really do come from dehydration. 


Here are a list of some of the natural things you can take that may help with pain or circulation:

  • Ginger – Circulation and anti-inflammation
  • Cayenne – Circulation 
  • Garlic – Circulation and repair
  • Onions – Swelling
  • MSM+ (A form of sulfur) with Vitamin C
  • Glucosamine and Chrondroitin – Great for joint and ligament pain
  • Bromelain – From pineapple and great for swelling
  • Turmeric – Great for circulation
  • CalMag – Calcium/magnesium for bones, etc
  • Arnica – Pain and healing
  • Flax oil – Excellent for arthritis/joint pain
  • Fish oil – Swelling and inflammation (including head trama and may help spinal cord injuries)
  • Tart Cherry juice or caps – Joint pain, inflammation and sleep
  • GABA – An amino acid for general pain
  • DLPA – An amino acid for general pain

Don’t forget that hot and cold water or compresses can also help speed up healing, as well as exercise.

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Good Luck with your fast healing!
Peter Gillham

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