You Are Probably Using Fake Olive Oil

Who knew that we were being duped and buying extra virgin olive oil that isn’t, well, extra virgin olive oil?   Most of the extra virgin olive oil sold in North America has been mixed with cheaper oils.  Ok, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that about olive oil  that has been bottled by big corporations and sold in conventional supermarkets. But apparently even those high-priced fancy bottles and cans of extra virgin olive oil aren’t necessarily the real thing either.  How does olive oil pass FDA inspection when 70% of it is adulterated?  It doesn’t.  There isn’t any inspection of it. The FDA doesn’t have time check the oils.  Guess they are too busy checking out and approving  all the artificial ingredients and drugs that are killing people.

Is Your Olive Oil Fake?

Mixing olive oil with cheap oils, selling it for a high extra virgin olive oil price tag, is big business.  After all, most of us in North America don’t know what real extra virgin olive oil tastes like to begin with.  There is no regulation on quality.  Gullible consumers mixed with no regulations is the perfect setting for a criminal enterprise.  And that is what the olive oil industry has become.

So how do you buy the real stuff?  There are some diligent researchers that have gone to most of the work for us.  Tom (don’t know his last name) has a lot of information here.  He is mainly reviewing Trader Joe’s oils but read the comments at the end of his blog for more information on other oils.

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed.  I use one of the 3 (out of 6 oils tested) that did not make the “extra virgin olive oil” grade (Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil).  Having never liked olives, I started using this brand years back because it didn’t have that heavy olive taste.  Tom said it tasted “winey-vinegary”.  Huh?  I decided to prove him wrong while I was writing this blog.  I put some on the tip of my finger and… jove he was right.  It did taste vinegary.  I had never noticed it before because I didn’t taste it alone.

Another great website to get olive oil information from is this article on  Again, read the comments at the bottom.  Lots of good information from readers there too.

Good quality extra virgin olive oil can be very costly, but there are a few that won’t break the bank. Trader Joe’s has three different ones, and Costco’s brand – Kirkland, is also the real deal.

Well, no more “winey-vinegary” olive oil for me.  I am off to Trader Joe’s ……

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