Avoiding GMO’s? What About Your Clothes?

Are You Wearing GMO’s?

I got inspired to write this blog from an article I read the other day.  The writer was a man who had suffered from severe allergies for many years and had  learned that eating GMO’s was probably causing his affliction.  He had cut out all GMO’s in his food but still had allergy symptoms.  Then, he discovered that clothes and other household items also contained GMO’s.   Well, that got me thinking.  Apparently, avoid cottonseed oil  in my food wasn’t enough.

Do You Like to Wear Cotton?

For many years now I have mainly worn 100% cotton clothes.   Living in a hot climate, natural fibers just seem to be easier to tolerate in the heat.  After reading the blog the other day I realized that in  my quest to keep GM foods out of my life, I  had overlooked the cotton I was wearing.

Most Cotton is Genetically Altered

The majority of cotton grown in the USA and around the world is GM  and that is what cotton clothes are manufactured with.  The skin, the body’s largest organ, absorbs everything that is put on it.  Unlike chemicals in new clothes that can be laundered out, GM cotton doesn’t disappear.  What this means is that unless we wear 100% organic cotton, we are wearing GM fabric every time we wear something that contains cotton. Yuck.

GM Corn in Dozens of Household Products

Not to get too dramatic here, but while I am on the subject, I want to point out that there are a ton of GM corn products in your house too.  A few examples include adhesives, detergents, construction materials, shampoo, paper, and even some medicines like antibiotics and aspirin.

Living a GMO-Free Lifestyle is Getting Expensive

I looked at what we could do to minimize the expensive of going all organic and GMO free.  I believe I found a solution.  We can live like Adam & Eve.  They just wore leaves for clothes.  That seems pretty inexpensive.  Most trees are not GMO (yet) so that would be a pretty safe bet.  Of course we would all have to live in warm climates and near organic gardens and…..Ok, I see a few drawbacks with my idea.   But heck, do you have a better one?

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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