Pets Don’t Like GMO’s Either

Don’t Forget Your Pets

This is a subject near and dear to my heart. Our four legged friends who enrich our lives so much need good quality food too.  I know, it is hard enough to keep your own diet healthy, never mind your furry kids.   But just like humans, animals do not do well on foods with GMO’s either.

What to Feed Your Animals

For many years I fed homeless cats, as well as my own menagerie of pets (cats & dogs).   Their main meal was chicken and liver that I ground up and fed to them uncooked.  Though I didn’t know about GMO’s back then, I did know that animals should eat mainly raw food, just as if they are in the wild.   Not all cats and dogs will eat raw meat, however, so finding good quality dry or canned food can be a challenge.

What to Look For in Canned or Dry Food

Stay away from what I call kitty (or doggy) “crack” .  These are the main pet supply companies that have all sorts of added chemicals and preservatives.  I would consider companies like “Friskies”,  the McDonald’s or Burger King of pet food.  You will find your pets get addicted very easily to this type of food because of the additives just like people get addicted to fast food. The dry food should not be colorful.  A wholesome dry food will normally be a shade of brown.  Read the labels on the cans and boxes.  If you see food dyes, and other unnatural ingredients, do not buy that brand.

Avoiding GMO’s in Pet Food

Do not purchase dry or canned food with soy, wheat, corn or alfalfa ingredients.  There are some excellent grain-free dry and canned products available now, though they can be quite costly.  If these are not within your budget, just avoid the 4 main GMO foods.

Spend More On Pet Food and Save on Vet Bills

Some of my pets never saw a vet until they had to be put to sleep. (For the record, I do not believe in pet vaccinations either). Most lived long and healthy lives.   If you take the time to research good food for your pet, I guarantee you will save fortunes over the years in medical bills.  Just like humans, food is their medicine too.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham