Can EMF Radiation Cause ADHD in Children?

Is Electrical Pollution Affecting Your Child?

Is it me, or does it seem like every other child is being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) these days?  Some of the signs of this “disease” are trouble concentrating, overly active and easily distracted.  Even though those signs don’t sound very abnormal to me, (or I would have been drugged at age 3 in the 1950’s),  there does appear to be some sort of abnormal condition affecting  many children and their ability to learn.  The “why” for this “condition” (it is not a disease), may be right in your home, or in your purse.

Dirty Electricity

I came across a very short video today with a gentleman called Dave Stetzer, from  From a glance at his website, it appears he has solutions for EMF (electrical magnetic frequency) toxicity.  In the video, Dave claims that children on Ritalin for ADHD can come off the drug within 3 days of cleaning up the electrical toxicity in the vicinity of the child.  He said that this had occurred in every case he was aware of.   If true, all children can be helped with this condition.

The Effects of EMF Toxicity

The effects from EMF’s are not imaginary.  Long-term exposure to EMF’s cause serious health problems.  EMF’s invade our bodies on a cellular level and create havoc.  They affect our sleep, hormone production, immune system and contribute to serious diseases like cancer.

Children are particularly vulnerable to EMF’s because their skulls are thinner and smaller so the radiation penetrates deeper into their brains. A child’s immune system is not fully developed so it is easier to compromise when poisoned with electrical pollution.

Symptoms of EMF Toxicity

Besides learning and behavioral problems, other signs of EMF toxicity in children include headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and arrhythmia (heartbeat irregularity).

The increase of autism in children is alarming.  More and more evidence is pointing to our polluted electromagnetic environment as a contributing factor to this, and other learning disabilities.

Combating ADHD

If Dave Stetzer is correct, cleaning up the dirty electricity around a child could have a significant impact on their condition.  For parents of children suffering from behavioral and learning disabilities, start researching how you can improve your environment.  Though I am not sure of their effectiveness, there are devices that can be worn that may be able to minimize some the EMF’s.   Buy shielding products like cases for mobile phones.  I found this interesting website in the UK.  I am not sure if they sell to customers in the US.  You can probably find American companies that sell similar products.  Here is a link to a local website that has something for cell phones and computers.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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