Fluoride in Water Banned in Almost Every Country

Other Countries Ban Fluoride – Why Not The USA?

Last month,  the Ministry of Health in Israel removed a mandatory requirement for water fluoridation that had been in place since 1970. Israel now has a nation-wide ban on fluoridation.

Israel now joins the majority of Europe where fluoridation is banned.  In fact, 98% of European countries do not allow fluoride in their water because it is not safe.

Even our Canadian neighbors to the north are removing it from most communities. About 60% of their municipalities used to fluoridate their water. Now, only about 32-33% do.

China Sends Their Fluoride to the USA

China considers fluoride a waste product and ships it so the US.  One such company we get the fluoride from is called “Fluoride Chemicals Yunnan Co.”  This is how they describe their fluoride waste product:

It is used in the manufacture of effervescing steel, and the smelting and refining of light metals. It is also used in fluorination of drinking water, as a wood preservative, an adhesive preservative. An insecticide, a protective coating for metals, a pickle for steels and other metals, a flux for soldering and welding, as well as a flux and pacifier for ceramic, glass and porcelain enamel.

Does fluoride sound like a product that should be in our water or anywhere near our bodies for that matter?

This Chinese company also manufacturers synthetic cryolite, the fluoride-pesticide that’s being secretly sprayed on grapes and other crops, adding huge quantities of fluoride to your food. Link to article.

Health Risks of Fluoride

According to Dr. Bill Osmunson, an American dentist, there are no less than 23 studies from four different countries indicating that even moderate exposure to fluoride lowers IQ in children.

Fluoride can wreak havoc on your pineal gland. Your pineal gland absorbs fluoride and has the highest concentration of fluoride of any organ in your body.  It is responsible for your sleep/wake cycles. An accumulation of fluoride can completely disrupt your biological clock.

Your thyroid is another gland that is severely damaged by fluoride. Fluoride suppresses the thyroid which can lead to hypothyroidism. Weight gain, low sex drive and diminished energy are all signs of hypothyroidism.

Several studies have shown that cancer rates are higher in municipalities that have fluoridated water.

Stop Using Fluoride

If you are still using toothpaste with fluoride in it, stop now.  Do not drink water with fluoride in it. Beware of bottled waters.  Many popular ones do contain fluoride. They are just bottled municipal tap water. If possible, get a water filter system for your home. The skin absorbs everything – including chemicals in the water when you bathe.

When will we see fluoride removed from US cities? I don’t have the answer to this. We live in a country where corporations and other agendas control our political system. What we can do is make changes at home. So do it.

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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