Deadly Herbicide Pending Approval

Dow’s Bigger and Better Herbicide

Thanks to Monsanto’s RoundUp,  new  super weeds have evolved that require a new super herbicide.  Dow Chemical, right up there with Monsanto’s urge to help humanity, has developed the perfect one. Super weeds are something like super bugs that have become resistant to antibiotics. Only instead of antibiotics, super weeds have become resistant to herbicides, the baddest being Monsanto’s RoundUp.   Mother nature has a way of getting back at us when we screw with her.  Who can blame her?

Dow’s “Enlist Duo®”

The EPA is deciding right now whether to allow Dow Chemical to use their latest weed killer on their genetically-engineered corn and soybeans.  Enlist® consists of “2,4-D” (which was half of the infamous Agent Orange mixture which caused an estimated 500,000 birth defects and 400,000 deaths) and “glyphosate” which is the main ingredient in RoundUp. Sounds like a winning combination.

A Disaster in the Making

If approved, in 5 years Enlist Duo® could cover 75 million acres – half of the corn and soybean acreage in the USA. The effects on our health could be catastrophic.  Where ever there has been heavy use of 2,4-D, there has been a higher number of birth anomalies.   It has also been linked to hypothyrodism, suppressed immune function, Parkinson’s, cancer and more. The damage to farm animals, pets and wild life is almost unthinkable.

So now we have super bugs, super weeds.  Whats next?  Super animals?  Super (or not so super) people?  Maybe if we continue to contaminate mother nature  we will become zombie mutants.  I guess that will have its advantages.  We won’t have to worry about organic food anymore, or even shelter for that matter.  Yes, being a zombie may definitely have its plus points.  But if I have a choice, I would rather stay a healthy, normal human. What about you?

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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