Want to Feel Better? Stop Eating GMO Foods

Did you know that  some (or all) of your adverse health conditions may be due to eating food that has been genetically altered?  Doctors are prescribing non-GMO diets to their patients resulting in remarkable recoveries.

Are GMOs Really That Bad?

Yes, GMOs are really that bad. Here is why. To create a genetically engineered food, foreign genetic material must be inserted into the plant. The GM crops on the market contain added genetic material from bacteria and viruses. This material has never been in the human diet before. Our bodies don’t just accept foreign material as food (otherwise we could all eat cardboard or plastic for a meal). Some scientists believe it takes around 50,000 years for our bodies to adjust to a new food source.Inserting foreign material into a plant causes massive damage to the plant’s natural DNA. An example of this is a new allergen in Monsanto’s (corporation behind the GMO agenda and other toxic foods) GM corn and a huge allergen increase in their GM soy.  This adds toxins and carcinogens to our food.  You can imagine what this does to our health.   According to Dr. Marth Grout, “Genetically modified foods create inflammation in the system.”  Inflammation, in turn, can lead to a wide variety of diseases including allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and heart disease.   Today, thousands of holistic and  medical practitioners are getting their patients off the common genetically altered foods which include soy, wheat, corn, canola oil and sugar. (54% of the sugar used in the USA is from the sugar beet which is a GM food.) Patients are reporting dramatic recoveries from some very severe illnesses as well as more mild conditions such as allergies when they stop eating GMO foods.

Livestock Suffering from GM Feed

Thousands of deaths of livestock around the world are being linked to the animals eating GM grains.  Reproductive failure in cows is being linked to a new organism found in GM crops. Many farmers in the USA are waking up and changing their livestock’s diet to a non-GMO variety and reporting much less illness, birth defects and deaths.   You do not want to eat genetically altered food or eat animals that have been eating this way either.  Just try a GMO-free diet for 3 weeks and see how much better you feel.   Let us know your results!

To your Health!

Peter Gillham

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